Did You Know? Culinary Tips from Chipotle

At Chipotle, we don’t just throw frozen food into a microwave and call it a day; in fact, we don’t even have microwaves! Instead, our crews develop real culinary knowledge to perfectly prepare fresh ingredients every day. Want to boost your culinary know-how? Class has begun.



CARAMELIZING FAJITAS: Our teams use more than real culinary skills in the kitchen, they also harness the power of science. Did you know that caramelizing peppers and onions on a hot stove top causes a chemical reaction that brings out the vegetables’ natural sweet flavors? Who knew science was so delicious?



THE POWER OF EMULSION: Opposites don’t always attract, but they sure do taste good together (if you’ve tried our chipotle honey vinaigrette, you probably agree). A sweet solution to the natural separation between ingredients like oil and water? Emulsion (noun): Using an agent, like honey, to create chemical bonds between two liquids that naturally separate.



TEAR-FREE ONION DICING: No tears, no problem. Did you know the root of an onion has the most sulfoxide, the stuff that makes you cry like a baby? Cut along the groove of the onion without slicing through the root – your eyes will thank us.



GET THE MOST FROM YOUR CITRUS: Want to whip up the best margaritas in town? Here’s a tip: Roll the limes with gentle pressure before you cut them. This movement loosens up their juices and make them easier to squeeze.


Can’t get enough? Check out more culinary tips and tricks here. Itching to get in the kitchen and start making culinary magic? Find out where we’re hiring!