A New Career in the Palm of Your Hand

We’re making it easier than ever to start growing your career with Chipotle – all you need is two thumbs and a cellphone. Seriously, it’s that easy. With our new text-to-apply technology, it only takes a few minutes to complete your Chipotle job application (and get one step closer to awesome perks like free burritos and tuition assistance).

Chipotle has over 2,400 restaurants around the country – with a new one opening every three days – so we’re always looking for new team members to help us continue growing. Brian, a Chipotle recruiter and texting enthusiast, explains how our new text-to-apply technology is changing the game for job seekers like you: “We want to make applying to a job at Chipotle as quick and easy as building a burrito in our restaurants. With text-to-apply, candidates can apply to any of our restaurants across the country with a few simple text messages. It only takes a couple of minutes!”

Ready to give text-to-apply a whirl? We’re here to help. Just text CHIPJOBS to 97211 to find a restaurant near you and kick off the application process. First-time application texter? Recruiter Brian is back to tell you what to expect once you send off that first text: “Our automated recruiter, Ari, will greet you and walk you through the process – starting with your zip code to find Chipotle locations nearest you. After you choose a location you’d like to apply to, you’re off and running and should be done with our application in no time!”

Launching your career with Chipotle has never been easier. What are you waiting for? Text CHIPJOBS to 97211 to start your application or check out our careers site to learn more about life inside our restaurants.