Celebrating Our Employees

Since 1993, Chipotle has grown from a single restaurant to over 2,000 locations in five countries. This quick growth would not be possible without the hard work of our motivated team. To thank our employees, we’ve partnered with Tiffany & Co. to celebrate their 10, 15, 20, and 25-year anniversaries. With each milestone, employees can choose from a variety of gifts to commemorate their accomplishment – from gift cards and Tiffany jewelry sets to cruiser bikes and grill centers. Since 2014, over 200 employees have received these prestigious Service Awards. Check out some of the other perks of working for Chipotle here.

Want to learn more about building a successful and long-lasting career with Chipotle? Meet Nicole, who recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary AND was promoted to Director of Digital Commerce. Keep reading to find out more about Nicole’s Chipotle journey.



Q: Why did you make the decision to work for Chipotle 10 years ago?

A: I was hesitant to start working for a restaurant chain because I wanted to make a difference in the non-profit and political world.  As I learned about Chipotle, however, I realized that I could make those same changes on an even broader scale.


Q: How have you seen the company change over time? What has stayed the same?

A: There’s been a lot of change, but not as much as you might think considering our growth from 450 restaurants to over 2,000 since I’ve joined the team. Our core culture is still about really great people working hard, treating each other with respect, valuing each other, and delivering great results. As for the changes I’ve seen: we’re doing more, we’re doing it better, and we’re doing it faster.


Q: How does it feel to receive your 10-year Service Award?

A: I wasn’t here for very long before I realized that this is exactly where I wanted to be and that I wanted to turn this into more. My role has evolved over these ten years and I’m really happy with where I am now. I love the team that I’m working with and all that we have accomplished together.

“I wasn’t here for very long before I realized that this is exactly where I wanted to be and that I wanted to turn this into more.”

– Nicole West, Director of Digital Commerce

Q: Another perk of hitting your 10-year anniversary is a 2-month sabbatical. Any big trips coming up?

A: Definitely going somewhere with a beach where I can play with my kids. That’s all I know for now!


Q: What advice do you have for someone who is interested in a career at Chipotle?

A: Chipotle is an amazing place if you’re willing to work hard, like to have fun, and have a passion for food, people, and the environment. If this sounds like you, then I think you’re the right fit for Chipotle and that you would thrive here.