Cultivating a Better Community

At Chipotle, we’re on a mission to Cultivate a Better World. It’s no small task, and we’re so grateful to have over 70,000 employees around the country making a difference in their communities every day. Looking for some inspiration? Meet Rosie Schulte, a Chipotle Field Leader who goes above and beyond to cultivate a better world in her own backyard.

“I love talking about this company and sharing knowledge of the food we use and how helpful it is to local farmers worldwide.”

– Rosie, Field Leader at Chipotle

Rosie joined the team as a crew member in 2014 and quickly realized that Chipotle was more than just a job – here, she could grow a career in an industry she loved. “My family owned a restaurant when I was a kid, so loving the kitchen is embedded in my DNA,” Rosie explains.

While she rose swiftly through the ranks in her restaurant (seriously – she went from crew to Field Leader in just four years), Rosie also developed a passion for Chipotle’s mission.

“I love talking about this company and sharing knowledge of the food we use and how helpful it is to local farmers worldwide,” Rosie says. “The more people that know about us, the more opportunity Chipotle can give not only to its employees but the farmers and providers that supply our stores.”

This attitude has inspired Rosie to build strong relationships within her community, providing her with countless opportunities to get involved. From helping raise money for new basketball uniforms at a neighboring school to feeding donors at a local blood drive, Rosie and her team are working hard to help their community – and it’s not going unnoticed. Rosie recently partnered with a local realty group to provide lunch for their first annual blood drive.

Melanie Fougere of Duckworth Realty Group raves that “[Rosie’s] unwavering commitment to her community and Chipotle shines through in every aspect of her life” and didn’t leave a single donor hungry at their drive.

Others in the community echo these sentiments. Recently, Rosie found an abandoned catering order at one of her restaurants and knew just where to bring it – Hearts of Hope, a community effort to aid the homeless.

Lucy Vitorino of the Hearts of Hope explains the significance of an action like Rosie’s: “A donation of a Chipotle catering order means that our homeless friends don’t go hungry that day. It means they are treated to a delicious warm meal that most of us take for granted but for them is a luxury. Hearts of Hope is grateful for the support we receive from companies such as Chipotle that realize the need for community partnership to feed the homeless.”

How does Rosie manage six restaurants while developing relationships in her community? Johanna Croteau, a Field Leader who worked her way up the career path alongside Rosie, notes that “Rosie’s genuine personality and passion for Chipotle and her community is what makes her so successful with this. She is not afraid to trying something new and creative to bring Chipotle to those who have not had it or aren’t familiar with our brand.”

But that’s not all – Rosie’s community outreach is benefiting more than just the organizations she partners with, it’s also doing great things for her business. Since Rosie took over her patch of six restaurants, there’s been a 35% increase in fundraisers hosted at her restaurants. She’s also teaching her team the importance of community outreach.

“My teams do a great job at making sure our guests are satisfied,” Rosie says. “Most people view a negative comment or feedback as a bad thing, but I have coached my team to view this as a positive thing and a tool we can use to learn and grow.”

So, what’s next for Rosie? She hopes to keep growing her career with Chipotle, eventually becoming a Team Director, and continue growing the impact she can have on communities around her. Thanks for all you do, Rosie!