Rewarding Our Mentors

As a manager, your job gets a whole lot easier when you’ve got a great team beside you. That’s why we created our People Development Bonus program. General Manager and Restaurateurs earn a bonus each time they help a team member reach General Manager (and beyond). That’s right – we’re talking extra money on top of your annual salary. The more people you develop, the bigger your paycheck. And we mean way bigger (seriously, there’s no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn!).



So why do we go to the trouble of rewarding managers who are focused on developing their team? At Chipotle, we’re offering more than just a job – we’re giving over 70,000 employees the opportunity to build their own careers. In fact, over 80% of our managers are promoted from within. This is possible thanks to our commitment to hiring great people, providing them with real training, and pairing them with awesome mentors within the restaurant.

Ready to get paid for sharing your pearls of wisdom? Keep reading for advice from some of our most successful mentors.

Irma, Restaurateur: “From choosing a candidate to become the next Kitchen Manager, all the way to their career as a General Manager, it is extremely vital that each team member have everything they need to have success on their own. So the continuous sharing of communication is KEY. New information and training happens every day at Chipotle, and we are constantly growing as a company, so I believe that we have to grow right along with it.”

Gerard, Field Leader: “Truly the key to any success is consistency, utilizing the same blue print on each individual while making a personal connection. Let them know how they fit into your vision in helping you run a successful operation, but you must make it real.”

Diego, Field Leader: “The secret to my success is being committed to my people by teaching them how to fulfill their roles and by investing in their success. I also share the many benefits Chipotle has to offer.”


Pedro, Field Leader: “There is no ‘I’ in a team. I believe that helping others accomplish their values and dreams will allow them to return the favor to others in the future. You have to be committed to the people that you hire until the end. Never give up on them or judge them for making mistakes. Be loyal to them and believe in them.”