Nail Your (Video) Interview

At Chipotle, we’re looking for awesome people to help us work towards our company purpose – to cultivate nourished communities where wholesome food is enjoyed every day. For Crew members, we look for hard workers with great customer service during in-person interviews in the restaurant. For candidates interested in restaurant management or corporate-level positions at Chipotle, we kick off our interview process with something called a HireVue interview.

What is a HireVue interview?

The HireVue interview is a pre-recorded, digital interview that we extend to candidates who appear to be qualified for the role they applied to.  The HireVue interview can be completed by webcam, smartphone, tablet, or anything with a forward-facing video camera attached to it. Once you complete it, your interview comes straight back to the hiring team here at Chipotle. Your HireVue is for our eyes only; your recruiter and the team you are applying to join will be the only people to view it.

Why do we use it?

Because we have over 2,000 restaurants throughout 47 states and 5 countries, it’s not possible for us to meet everyone who applies to Chipotle for a face-to-face interview. With HireVue, however, we can get to know as many applicants as possible in a short period of time.  HireVue also helps us to find great candidates who are a personality match with the team, rather than just a great match on paper. It’s really easy to share HireVue interviews with others, so the team you’re hoping to join can get to know you a little bit before you meet for an in-person interview. Overall, HireVue is a great way for us to meet the person behind the resume in a cool and innovative way.

How do you ace it?

First and foremost, get comfortable. You can complete the HireVue wherever and whenever is most convenient, so no need to rearrange your schedule. Try to find a quiet, well-lit space with a simple background, and make sure the sound is working on your device. Dress presentably, but casually (you can leave the suit and tie in your closet, unless that’s how you feel most comfortable!). If you’re feeling nervous, try a few practice questions beforehand to help loosen up – we know it can feel a little unnatural at first. Remember – the best way to nail the HireVue interview is to be unapologetically you; the best way to set yourself apart is to let your personality shine through during the interview. If you are passionate about something, tell us about it! If Chipotle is your favorite restaurant, tell us why! If you seem excited during your interview, chances are we will be excited too. Don’t worry if you mess up – you can redo each question if you don’t feel 100% confident with your answer. While we do look for candidates whose experience lines up with the job requirements, we ultimately want to get to know YOU as a person.

To see a quick example of the dos and don’ts of HireVue, check out the video below. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you this question.

The Dos: 


The Don’ts: 


If you have the HireVue invitation in your inbox and you’re still feeling apprehensive, don’t worry! While the HireVue is a convenient and fun way to get to know our candidates, we understand that it might not be the preferred interview method for everyone. We are always happy to continue with a phone interview instead – just reach out to your recruiter and let them know.