Earning Your GED Just Got Easier

Whether you’re earning a high school diploma or striving towards a grad school cap and gown, Chipotle is here to help you reach that next level. To support employees that are just beginning their pursuit of a quality education, we’ve partnered with Guild Education to offer a more affordable way to get started.

Looking to enroll in an accredited online high school? Maybe you’d prefer some help prepping for the GED. Either way, Chipotle and a personal success coach from Guild have your back. You can check out a full list of college prep programs and classes here.

“When I took a second and tried imagining getting my GED within 6 months without any help … I signed up that day. Five months later I had my GED.”

– Curtis, Service Manager at Chipotle

We’re also excited to celebrate two of our first GED graduates – a General Manager and Service Manager duo from California. Keep reading to hear from Daniel and Curtis about their GED journey and what comes next.

Q: Why did you decide to enroll in Chipotle’s educational assistance program?

Curtis: I enrolled because I found it very difficult to start the GED process, I was mostly scared of failing, but I was not going to let that defeat me. I signed up to get more information and the more I read, the more it sounded exactly like the help that I needed: just to motivate me to do better, never give up on what I am passionate for, and, most of all, no matter what DO NOT GIVE UP ON MYSELF.


Q: What has it been like going through this experience together?

Daniel: It’s been great. When I first met Curtis, the conversation just came up about how we were both enrolled and happened to be on the same management team. From there, we just pushed each other and would share results.

“I would say that Chipotle is really big on helping people be successful – not only in their careers, but also in their pursuit of knowledge.”

– Daniel, General Manager at Chipotle

Q: You both recently earned your GED. Congrats! What’s next?

Daniel: Thanks! Next, I’m really looking forward to getting into anything that involves graphic design.

Curtis: More! I got a taste of the knowledge that I had been longing for. I fully plan on immediately following up with colleges and universities to eventually get my PHD in Biophysics. I intend to become a professor at some point because I have found that I very much enjoy teaching others, watching them learn from their mistakes, and resiliently push forward to strive to be the best they can be.


Q:  What would you say to someone not in school that’s thinking about working at Chipotle?

Daniel: I would say that Chipotle is really big on helping people be successful – not only in their careers, but also in their pursuit of knowledge.

Curtis: I would say do it. I would say that if you plan on going to school at all, for any sort of degree, that Chipotle will teach you things that you can apply to any other job and multiple parts of your own life and help you be the better person that deep down you want to be. If there is anything holding you back from school, I am confident that either Chipotle or Guild can wash away your worries and help remove any obstacle in your way, even if it is actually yourself.


You can read the rest of Daniel’s and Curtis’ interview here. Ready to join the team and kick off your career today? Find a restaurant near you.