All About Field Leaders

Have restaurant management experience? What about a passion for fresh ingredients with no preservatives (especially when they come in the form of a burrito)? We have some good news for you. While many Chipotle managers come through our career path, we also hire external talent for some of our field operations positions, such as Field Leaders. Are you ready to take your management career to the next level?

You had me at burritos. Tell me more.

Chipotle Field Leaders are found all over the country and oversee 5 to 10 restaurants at a time. These business-savvy leaders are focused on coaching and developing our General Managers by teaching them everything they need to know about running a restaurant. From implementing training programs and delivering an excellent guest experience to building sales and managing cash flow, our Field Leaders can do (and teach) it all. But don’t just take our word on it. Click here to meet Jeremy, an externally hired Field Leader.

“My role is a partnership with my general managers and their teams. I view myself as a ‘coach’ – I identify strengths and opportunities and coach my teams to be sustainably great.”

Jeremy, Field Leader at Chipotle

What’s so great about being an Field Leader at Chipotle?

In addition to a comprehensive benefits package that includes a company car (cha-ching), the sky’s the limit when it comes to career growth for Field Leaders at Chipotle. Laura joined the Chipotle team as an externally hired Field Leader a few years ago. Today, she’s a Team Director, overseeing 35 to 50 locations across multiple states. You can check out her story here.

“I am an example of how everyone in Chipotle works to make you better every day and how nurturing relationships makes the whole stronger than the individual.”

Laura, Team Director at Chipotle

Is it time to make your next big career move? Check out our open Field Leader positions here.