How to Lower Your Food Costs

Nothing is worse than a restaurant running out of your favorite food. At Chipotle, our managers are honing their business know-how to keep you (and their bottom line) happy. The answer? Critical inventory management.

Critical inventory (CI) management is crucial to making sure our teams always have enough ingredients for your go-to order without overcooking for the day. Leftover food is a waste of time and money for our restaurants. In other words, don’t cry over chopped onions – unless there’s no one there to eat them at the end of the day. 

We caught up with Cire, one of our Field Leaders, to learn his recipe for CI success. Watch his story below.



Here’s a quick recap on how to keep your food costs low and your customers happy:

1) Take inventory: Know how many ingredients you have in the restaurant before you start cooking for the day.

2) Don’t overcook: Use predicted sales estimates to only cook as much as you need. Keep that food waste down! 

3) Portion: Be consistent with how much food is served to each customer. This will help to ensure you don’t run out of a certain item and still serve up a great customer experience.

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