Where Will Your Career Take You?

At Chipotle, we take career growth seriously. In just the last year, over 11,000 of our employees have been promoted to management positions. Wondering what a career at Chipotle is like? Hear from real employees as they make their way along each step of the career path.

CREW: As a Crew member, Hannah is learning something new every day – from dicing and chopping fresh ingredients to serving up awesome customer service. 


KITCHEN MANAGER: Samuel keeps an eye on the back of house as a Kitchen Manager. He’s focused on preparing delicious food and training future grill masters. 


SERVICE MANAGER: Service Managers are all about the customer Peter helps deliver our delicious food to customers quickly while making sure they have a great restaurant experience. 


APPRENTICE: As an Apprentice, Jose is one step closer to becoming a General Manager. He’s focused on developing his team into strong leaders and supporting the restaurant in any way he can.


GENERAL MANAGER: Joe is responsible for the success of the restaurant as a General Manager. Through recruiting, interviewing, and coaching, he’s in charge of finding and leading the best team for the job.   


RESTAURATEUR: Restaurateurs are committed to building a culture in the restaurant that encourage employees to make those around them better. Kelly is supporting his team by doing just that.


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