Meet Brandie, Crew Member

Chipotle has over 2,200 restaurant teams around the country. No two teams are the same, so each must work together to communicate in a way that works best for them. Keep reading to meet Brandie, a deaf Crew member introducing her team to American Sign Language.

“The team here at Chipotle is like family. There is open communication and teamwork.”

– Brandie, Crew Member at Chipotle

Through her partnership with the Deaf Community Services of San Diego, Brandie worked with a translator to kick off her restaurant training and strengthen communication with her team. We caught up with Brandie and her General Manager, Estefanny, to learn more about Brandie’s journey with Chipotle. Check it out below.


Q: Brandie, what do you enjoy about working at Chipotle?

Brandie: The team here at Chipotle is like family. There is open communication and teamwork. I teach them American Sign Language (ASL). I love working with them. I cherish it.


Q: How does Chipotle help you to be a better employee?

Brandie: They have taught me a lot. It’s been hard work but I have acquired a lot of skills along the way. We have learned to trust each other and have created a pleasant working environment.


Q: What are your goals in five years working here at Chipotle?

Brandie: My goal is to become a shift leader and to teach sign language to the other employees for accessible communication and a friendly environment for everyone. My other goal is to design a fashionable uniform for Chipotle.


Q:  Estefanny, what have you learned working with an employee such as Brandie?

Estefanny: A lot! She has taught us a lot. Not only myself, but my crew members. Every day, they ask her to teach us how to say something in sign language. That’s really great! We learn about each other every day.


Q: On a daily basis, what does working with Brandie look like?

Estefanny: She’s very helpful! She’s always helpful, even though she is not trained in every station. She is always looking for something to do when she has free time. Before she learned second station, which is prep, she always had free time and she was very interactive at every station. She will help in the line, she will help in the back of the house, and she always finds something to do, which is great! Thank you so much because you are not only doing your job, you are helping the other people around you which is what Chipotle is all about; helping each other.


Ready to join the Chipotle team? You can find a restaurant near you and apply online here. You can also watch Brandie’s full interview here.