A Second Chance at a Degree

One of the biggest challenges facing those who want to go back to school is the inability to transfer credits from a previous university. Rather than using prior credits to get a head start on earning a college degree, former students are often forced back to square one.

Through our partnership with Guild Education, Chipotle’s educational assistance program offers a solution to this problem with ‘stackable credits’. At Chipotle, prior credits become stackable, or re-usable, in our employees’ new pursuit of a college degree. These stackable credits are then combined with credits earned from on-the-job training at Chipotle, which alone can add up to over a third of a college degree.screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-11-20-43-am

Stackable credits make earning a degree easier than ever for employees like Timothy (pictured below). Timothy joined the Chipotle team with 87 credits from a previous university. By enrolling in our educational assistance program, Timothy’s reusable credits counted towards over two thirds of his degree.


Timothy also found professional success at Chipotle and has made his way along our career path to Restaurateur, earning him an additional 44 credits for on-the-job training. After combining his stackable credits with those earned through our career path, Timothy only needed to complete a few additional classes to earn his degree.

“I was really impressed with how simple and easy it was to apply. Even the online application for Colorado State University Global was easy, including transferring transcripts … It’s not as overwhelming as a process as you think it might be to return to school.”

– Timothy, Restaurateur at Chipotle

Are you or someone you know looking to earn a college degree? Learn more about how our educational assistance program is changing the game for new and former students here.  You can also click here to reach out directly to an academic advisor today.