Meet Irma, Restaurateur

Even the best Restaurateurs can’t do it all by themselves (though we’d like to see someone try rolling a hundred burritos while taking inventory and writing a schedule all at once!). To keep a restaurant running smoothly, our managers must hire, train, and develop their own teams of future leaders.

Irma, a Restaurateur at Chipotle, has done just that. She’s earned more than a handful People Development Bonuses by coaching multiple team members through our career path. Keep reading for some of Irma’s advice on growing a team, otherwise known as a “talent pipeline”.

“For me, it is of the utmost importance that each person I meet and get the chance to work with have the same opportunities I have had with the company.”

– Irma, Restaurateur at Chipotle

Q: You have been one of our most successful mentors over the past year. What’s your secret to success?

A: For me, it is quite important that my pipeline is strong and continuously growing with new talent. From choosing a candidate to become the next Kitchen Manager, all the way to their career as a General Manager, it is extremely vital that each team member have everything they need to have success on their own. So the continuous sharing of communication is KEY. New information and training happens every day at Chipotle, and we are constantly growing as a company, so I believe that we have to grow right along with it. Everyday I ask a lot of questions to ensure every one on the team is up-to-date and that any questions they may have can be answered, or at the very least have a dialogue about any issues.


Q: Why is it important to you to mentor and train others?

A: For me, it is of the utmost importance that each person I meet and get the chance to work with have the same opportunities I have had with the company. Nothing brings me more joy than to know I get to be a small part of helping people achieve their professional goals, and more importantly achieve personal success in their lives.


Q: Who has inspired you to place an emphasis on the development of others?

A: My Field Leader has shown us the importance of having a consistent and strong pipeline within our store. I have seen how many people he has developed and moved out into different areas of the company, not just in Houston, and it is so inspiring to see them all have a bright future ahead of themselves. Not just a strong pipeline, but also making sure each person who has the opportunity to move on up, is ready for the challenge by having all the tools readily available to them, and that they have a great understanding on how to use them effectively.


Q: What will do with your bonus money? Any big plans?

A: On March 18, 2016 I was able to find my dream home with my husband, and personally all of the money from the bonuses will be invested directly into that dream. Nothing is more important for me than to be financially stable, and be able to call that my home. I know that is the American Dream and thanks to Chipotle, each one of my leaders, and team members I can say I have achieved it.


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