Chipotle’s Educational Assistance Program

Did you know Chipotle employees can earn their college degree for as little as $250 per year? By teaming up with Guild Education, we’ve made it more affordable than ever to go back to school. Through our new educational assistance program, full- and part-time employees can continue growing their careers with perks like tuition assistance, discounted classes, and credit hours for on-the-job training. Because we think hard work should be rewarded – in more ways than one.


With our educational assistance program, you can qualify for up to $5,250 in annual tuition assistance from Chipotle. You can also receive up to $15,400 in college credit for on-the-job training. With each promotion you earn at Chipotle, you’ll score more credit hours towards your degree. Get promoted to General Manager? Congrats! You’ve earned up to 44 credits – that’s over a third of your degree – without ever stepping foot inside a classroom.


We also know that balancing college and a career can be complicated. At Chipotle, we’re committed to giving you the tools to succeed – both in the restaurant and the classroom. With this program, you’ll be paired with a personal success coach to help you achieve your education goals – one step at a time. Your coach can provide support in a variety of ways – they’ll work with you to choose the right degree and adjust your class schedule to fit your busy life. They’ll also help you apply for federal financial aid. Want more support? Success coaches are available for weekly chats, check ins, and progress reports.


One of the biggest challenges facing those who want to go back to school is the inability to transfer credits from a previous university. Rather than using prior credits to get a head start on earning a college degree, former students are often forced back to square one. Our educational assistance program offers a solution to this problem with ‘stackable credits’. At Chipotle, prior credits become stackable, or re-usable, in your new pursuit of a college degree.

Interested in learning more about how you can earn a college degree for as little as $250 per year? Click here to reach out to an academic advisor and see how you can start earning, start learning, and start saving with Chipotle today.