A Degree Built For You

At Chipotle, we’re making it easier than ever to balance a career and an education. We recently partnered with Bellevue University and Guild Education to introduce a bachelor’s degree in business built just for you. This program offers classes that fit into your busy restaurant schedule and is designed to help you grow your career with Chipotle. The best part? Graduation is just 18 months away.

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We spoke with Rebecca Murdock, Dean of the College of Business at Bellevue University, and Sam Worobec, Director of Training at Chipotle, to learn more. Together, Chipotle and Bellevue have developed a degree program that helps you advance through Chipotle’s career path. “We know that one of the best ways to help working students succeed is to leverage their real-life experiences and skills,” Rebecca explains. With this new program, your courses focus on real things that happen in the restaurant, such as people development, marketing, and our economic model. They also encourage teamwork and collaboration, so you’ll get the chance to share ideas with Chipotle employees all around the country.

“The benefit of this program is that it’s Chipotle-specific – rather than abstract thinking or theory, you can apply what you learn back to what you’re doing every day in the restaurant.”

– Sam, Director of Training at Chipotle

This online program also offers the flexibility you need to balance work, school, and life. Sam notes that “this degree is designed around a Chipotle employee’s schedule. That means the courses are broken down into a manageable time frame for someone working in our restaurants.” Full-time job and full-time student? No problem.

This degree is affordable, too. As part of our educational assistance program, you’ll get to take advantage of some pretty cool perks – including up to $5,250 a year in tuition assistance from Chipotle. We’ll also hook you up with a personal success coach from Guild Education who will help you enroll in classes and apply for financial aid. Learn more from Sam below.



Want to learn more about how you can earn a bachelor’s degree in 18 months? Click here to reach out directly to an academic advisor today. You can also check out more of the benefits of our educational assistance program here.